G-Money and the G-Store

Rewards and Behavior Management

The G Program shows us how to get good character but also how to bring Goodness to the world with your Good Deeds. The stories in our book Dictionary of Good Values show scenarios of how people are able to bring benefit to themselves or others through their good actions. We call this "Bringing G". Another way to bring G is to earn G-Money. I tested this out when I worked on a project called Hifzone for a Muslim school. We created G-Store where kids memorizing the Holy Quran played memory games and earned G-Points which they were able to convert to G-Dollars and buy prizes posted by the school and posted by their parents. Unfortunately, the school ran out of funding to fix the bugs and complete the project. Regardless, it essentially worked.

The other cool thing about this G-Store was that it could be used as a behavior management program to help kids learn to be accountable for their negative actions or "Bad Deeds". They got B-Points from the teachers or parents when they misbehaved which was deducted from their G-Points. This left them with fewer G-Dollars in their G-Bank to spend in the G-Store. Take a look at the G-Store for Hifzone. With financial support, we plan to add a new G-Store to this website and also create a G-Store App,