Good Value Entertainment for Social Media

  • The G Program Youtube Channel (Shorts, Full Length, and Live Stream)

  • Facebook and Instagram (Reels, Full length, and Live Stream) posted by Professional Good Doers

  • Whatsapp and Telegram posted by Professional Good Doers

  • 4 Heart Radio Podcast

  • Clubhouse

  • Catchy Songs

  • Multiple Genres

  • Produced so you can hear the words

  • musicians, singers, and rappers (talented kids in the community)

  • Middle School Jazz band and choir

  • Dean Pop (performances by K.M. Dean)

Game Show Games
  • Game Show Games

  • Hosted by K.M. Dean as "Coach Ken"

  • Teams leagues

  • Huge audiences in person and on channel

Skits for Video
  • Based on stories from Dictionary of Good Values

  • Comedy, Drama, Puppet Shows, Speeches

  • Drama team (by talented kids in the community)

  • Middle school drama team

  • Dean Pop (variety of entertainment by K.M. Dean)

The G Progam Demo

We believe that entertainment is an excellent tool for teaching values. The content we develop will be for multiple social media platforms for children and also for adults to bring to life the words in our book Dictionary of Good Values, and each related story. All as an effort to help them make better choices and bring more meaning to their life. Our approach is to take advantage of their "downtime" which these days is mostly being used to bring them down. With our fun videos, music, and games we hope to bring them up.