Dictionary of Good Values

This book contains 70 beautiful words that we call "Good Values". Our goal is to sell the value of Good Values. People of all ages need to be convinced that words like patience, kindness, and respect can bring benefit to one's self and to others. The “selling” is done by giving each word not only an easy-to-understand definition but also giving the reader a story that shows the word being used in everyday life by kids of all ages, their parents, and other adults. The stories show the benefits or good results that are possible when you believe in a Good Value and you put it into action by doing a Good Deed. On the other hand, the stories also show how people tend to do bad deeds, that is deeds that bring negative results when they don't know about or don't care about a Good Value. For example, someone who has embraced the value of honesty will put it to use and be honest and get good results whereas a person who doesn't believe in honesty will tell a lie and this can be harmful to them and others. With these stories, we hope to encourage people to do Good Deeds and avoid doing Bad Deeds when they are aware of possible outcomes.

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