The "G" Stands for Goodness

The G Program is an effort to promote the value of Good Values and how they can improve the lives of individuals and communities. With a book, entertainment, and games, The G Program helps children and adults learn Good Values to do Good Deeds, get Good Character, and bring Goodness to the world. Recently, adults have been sending the message to children and teens that values like honesty, fairness, and self-control don’t matter anymore. Social media, entertainment, and games are also not pushing the value of having Good Values. Our society is suffering from a dangerous disease called GVD, Good Value Deficiency, and The G Program is the cure.

Our Story

Good character comes from learning, understanding, and embracing Good Values. We have written a book that all schools, homes, and even offices can use to upgrade their good doing, build character, and bring goodness to the world. It is called Dictionary of Good Values.

The G Program has been years in the making. K.M. Dean is the creator of this unique approach to building character by "selling the value of Good Values" to children and adults through a short easy to read booklet, entertainment such as video skits for social media, catchy songs, and fun games played on screens and together with family and friends at events. Click the button below to learn about the whole story, his journey to bringing The G Program to you.